Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A Rich Man's Wealth

A Rich Man’s Wealth

There once was a greedy man,

Who shared nothing of his,

He took from the poor,

And gave the spoils to the rich,

He was truly hated,

And he had no friends,

One day he woke up,

It was a shining day,

He got up out of bed,

But tripped up and landed on his head,

His room was a clutter,

Of things he had taken,

He had no space for them you see,

So they laid on the floor,

Hung off the doors,

And spread to his tables,

As he got up,

He stopped and he looked,

“I don’t need all this stuff” said he,

So he packed it in bags,

And rode to his village,

And gave his stuff away,

The keys to his castle,

His eight noble horses,

Silver forks and golden spoons,

And his pet monkey too,

Until he had nothing left,

Except for the clothes on his back,

And the food in his belly,

But the smiles of the villages,

Made his heart race,

And made him as happy as can be,

He had nothing left but the smile on his face,

As he walked down the road,

To a cave nearby,

There he as a hermit,

Giving what he made away,

He made many friends,

Which he met often,

To tell them stories of joy,

He died of old age,

With a smile on his face,

“I’m glad I gave away all that stuff” he said,

Just before his last breath was taken.  

                                                                                                                                                  Nabilah Stephens


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